Custom Equipment Fabrication
Attention Contractors. We supply custom made equipment for your most challenging foundation repair job.

Information and photos are available on our Custom Equipment page.

Foundation Info For Home Owners
Is your house settling? Have you seen cracks in the wall? How can you find out if you have a serious problem?

For information, please see our Homeowners Page.

Auger Cast Piles for commercial and residential construction
JSI has developed unique equipment for the installation of Auger Cast Piles. These are pilings constructed by rotating a hollow stem auger into the ground to a predetermined depth and then pumping a high strength grout mix into the shaft while the drill is withdrawn. Reinforcing steel is then placed to design specifications and elevations are checked of both steel and grout.All of our equipment utilizes a fixed drilling mast in lieu of a crane with hanging drill leads. Our mast design is able to be leveled in 360 degrees allowing for greater control of the auger and straighter piles.

In addition to this, the auger may be placed with great accuracy on the survey pin location due to the fine placement controls the machines are equipped with. The auger is withdrawn using a powerful hydraulic cylinder rather than a cable hoisting method. This provides a smooth continuous lifting motion unobtainable with and crane and thus decreasing the chances of soil intrusion into the newly casted pile. This reduces “redrills” and excess grout left on the job site. Another Advantage our machines offer is faster set-up times and lower mobilization expenses. Typically we can be ready to drill with 1 hour of site arrival. This is especially important on smaller jobs and projects that may require multiple mobilizations.

Schopke Family Owned and Operated

Schopke Family Owned and Operated - At JSI Foundations, all work is performed or supervised by members of the Schopke family.  The Schopke family has been in the foundation and construction business in Florida for over 20 years.

Brevard County Grout Repair

Brevard County Grout Repair - We provide repairs and maintenance for all types of grout applications including pre-cast concrete and foundation joints. ).We specialize in urethane grout, chemical grout, polyurethane grouting and sodium silicate.

Florida Grout Repairs and Maintenance

Florida Grout Repairs and Maintenance - Grout is a construction material used to embed rebars in masonry walls, connect sections of pre-cast concrete, fill voids, and seal joints (like those between tiles).We specialize in urethane grout, chemical grout, polyurethane grouting and sodium silicate.

Florida Auger Piles Construction and Repair

Florida Auger Piles Construction and Repair - Construction and repairs for Driven foundations, Drilled Piles, Speciality Piles, Piled Walls and Deep Mixing/Mass Stabilization Techniques. We specialize in Auger Piles construction and repair. Our service area is the entire State of Florida including Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, The Florida Keys and the Florida panhandle. 

Brevard County Foundation Repair

Brevard County Foundation Repair - We provide residential and commercial foundation services for Melbourne, Palm Bay, Satellite Beach and most of the state of Florida including the Space Coast and Treasure Coast.

Florida Keys Foundation Repair

Florida Keys Foundation Repair - We have specialized equipment that permits us to offer foundation services, construction and repair, in Florida's Keys including Key Largo, Marathon and Key West.

Florida Foundation Repair and Construction

Florida Foundation Repair and Construction - JSI Foundations offers foundation services for both contractors and for property owners.

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